Our Expertise


... for Entrepreneurs


LIP CORPORATE FINANCE advises entrepreneurs of small and medium sized enterprises (SME) and start-ups/company founders, shareholders and their companies on achieving their strategic and financial goals.


We focus on the following fields of consulting:


1. Acquisition/sale of companies

    - Development of the appropriate acquisition strategy
    - Drawing up lists of potential takeover targets or investors (long list and short list) 
    - Approach and negotiation
    - Management and realisation of the due diligence process
    - Management of all experts involved


2. Development of the appropriate/best financing structure

    - via equity, debt or mixed forms 
    - tailored to the current phase of the company



3. Presentation of adequate sources of funding

    - Equity investors (companies, private equity funds, family offices, private investors) 
    - Banks or other lenders
    - Mezzanine capital providers


... for Family Offices and Institutional Investors


We support family offices and institutional investors in multiple ways, e.g. through


1. Development of the strategic asset allocation

    - Diversification by asset class, region and currency 
    - risk assessment
    - Structuring of investments over time
    - cash flow management


2. Acquisition of investments including the selection of fund managers

    - Direct investments
    - Co-investments
    - Funds (private equity, private debt, venture capital)
    - Fund of funds

Our Experience


... für Entrepreneurs



  * since 2009

  * advicee on > 50 national and international corporate transactions
  * strategic advice to entrepreneurs and management


- LIP Capital Trust

  * since 2014

  * my own investment company
  * investments in start-ups and medium-sized companies


- APS Holding GmbH & Co. KG

  * since 2020

  * Managing Director and CFO a group that operates automated petrol stations in Spain



  * 1995-2000

  * auditing and preparation of annual financial statements

  * due diligence for national and cross-border transactions 


- sale of my father's tax consultancy practice (2009)


... for Family Offices and institutional investors


- Equity Partners

  * 2001-2009

  * Member of the management team that designed and built the company
  * invested over € 500 million
  > 20 company acquisitions and sales


- Sole Managing Director of Single Family Office kjup Capital

  * 2017-2018

  * responsible for all asset classes

  * development and implementation of strategic asset allocation
  * acquisitions and sale of company investments
  * development of a private equity and private debt fund portfolio